Today I Learned – October 21/12

  • Sometimes you don’t have to actually run a marathon to feel like you have.

  • For some people, accomplishing is bigger than winning.  Unless their goal is winning, then they’re pretty much equal.
  • The nicest way to tell someone to shut up is to get them to sit in your lap while you hold them.  This will put you within striking distance if you then tell them to shut up.
  • It’s amazing how one week football can be the most important thing going, and another it’s just a 5 second glance at your phone.
  • At no point in life should you walk into a grocery store, get thousands of dollars worth of stuff, hand over coupons and have the store GIVE YOU MONEY to take it all away.  That isn’t extreme couponing, it’s dividing by ZERO.
  • A sandwich that someone brings to you to eat is 10 times more delicious than one you’ve made yourself.  It’s science.

No video clips today…I’ve gotta catch up on all that football I missed.  And sleep.



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