Today I Learned – October 19/12

  • Following up a viewing of Prometheus with Aliens may skip a step, but Alien should’ve thought of that and had a giant mechanical fighting loading dock thingie in it.

  • Having the garbage ready the night before usually saves steps.  Unless you get it ready at 7pm the night before, then throw tons of things out before the morning comes.  Then it’s redundant.
  • Being too lazy to drive 8 blocks to get milk and just breaking down and spending an extra dollar at the store around the corner should have some positive feelings with it.  You should feel happy you cheated the system, but then you remember you paid an extra dollar for milk instead of taking an extra 2 minutes out of your life.  Therefore, you feel super lazy.  And apparently, 1 minute of life is worth approximately $0.50.
  • Prepping for an upcoming work event during work time sometimes feels like cheating, but if it’s work for work I guess it’s alright, right?
  • Oh yeah?  Well, I could do this too.  Yuh-huh…with a LOT of balls…and maybe 30 yards closer…



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