Today I Learned – October 16/12

  • The “no mess” valve-lidded ketchup bottle is the dumbest invention in the history of mankind.

  • Town Hall Debates don’t actually take place in town halls.  How can we believe the candidates when the event itself is lying about the place it’s held?  Maybe the “Lion Pit Debates” would get more viewers…
  • The Canadian Men’s Soccer Team did their best impression of the stadium in Honduras…they crumbled at the slightest hint of pressure.
  • You can feel “I just went for a hike” exhausted, or “I’m too tired to put on pants and drive to Subway to get food” exhausted.  One feels better than the other.
  • Astro-porn.  Cool stuff:

ISS Startrails from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.



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