Today I Learned – October 13/12

  • The only good bug is a dead bug.

  • Seeing the sun out and thinking long pants will be warm enough with a polo shirt usually works, so long as it’s not 9 degrees out.
  • Hot chocolate is appropriate drinking temperature for exactly 12.3 seconds.  Before: mouth blistering hot.  After: thin chocolate milk.
  • Working for 6 hours on the weekend is like someone giving you a bowl full of Jell-o.  By that meaning a bowl full of that thick-skin Jell-o that forms on the edges of the bowls.
  • The attention span of a cat is from now until something else in the world makes a noise.
  • Taking out money for poker should be accompanied by thoughts of “I’ll be fine if I lose all of this.”  It is more commonly accompanied by thoughts of “I’ll put you back with more friends later tonight.”
  • It’s been hundreds of years, and they can’t make nail polish smell better?  Get on it scientists.
  • Netflix can be like a giant virtual dvd shelf of “nah…I don’t want to watch that.”
  • From the Sig-O: “This is MY night.  THAT’S why this movie is on.”  Said while starting Knight and Day.  Thank god for poker.
  • If you don’t have Netflix, here’s the first part of Starship Troopers.  Neil Patrick Harris, Denise Richards, Jake Busey, Michael Ironside, Casper Van Dien, gorrific action, campy lines and acting, giant “not bad for 1997” SFX bugs…enjoy your next two hours!



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