Random Haiku – October 12/12 Edition

look at the blue sky.

it makes it seem quite nice out.

but DAMN is it cold.

a small space heater.

it warms my fingers and toes.

and burns the carpet.

why do cats have hair?

is it to get on our clothes?

or get in our food?

hey justin bieber:

your laptop wasn’t stolen?

challenge accepted.

i feel i must burp.

but wait, retreat to my gut?

oh no, not my pants.

game 5 happens twice.

in New York, then Washington.

i still miss hockey.

if i scratch my itch,

does it relieve my body,

or relieve my mind?

two plus two is four.

two times two is also four.

hey, wait a minute…

the pattern of five,

followed by one of seven,

and finished with five.

i like big butts and,

i cannot lie you other

brothers can’t deny.

killing time is fun.

it’s almost like stealing time,

but it’s gone forever.

it’s time for dinner.

do we go fancy or plain?

start the microwave.



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