Today I Learned – October 12/12

  • A Friday followed by a full weekend through Monday feels like a Sunday after 5pm.  It’s still the weekend, but you’ll be back to work/school before you know it.

    • If you wake up naturally within 20 minutes of your alarm going off, JUST GET UP.  Trying to squeeze the last drops of sleep out of the night will just make the alarm sound that much more jet-engine-ish.
    • The walk up to the poker table is full of positive possibilities.  The walk from the poker table may not result in the same feelings.
    • It’s amazing how long you can put off taking a shower in a day when you can always just put on your hat.  AND you can do something else while you’re washing your hat afterwards.  Hat wins!
    • Sometimes videos are about learning something.  Sometimes they’re about experiencing something.  This is the latter.

Combustion from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.



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