Today I Learned – October 8/12

  • The best part about working on a holiday?  Some would say it’s the day in lieu.  I would say it’s standing in the middle of a downtown intersection for 3 minutes and seeing NO ONE ELSE.  Practice for the zombie apocalypse.


  • When you’re looking forward to something you’re not sure will happen, and it does, the realization is almost as good as the actual enjoyment. Carrot salad at Thanksgiving falls into this category.
  • If you watch a movie and immediately watch the “shot more than 5 years later” sequel, you can easily point out who’s aged well and who has not.  (See Back to the Future, Ghostbusters.)
  • When a dog is excited to see you, either their ears stop working, or the connection from their ears to their brains is temporarily severed.  Either way, you’ve lost them for a good 30 seconds, so stand still and keep petting.
  • Finding out you are one point away from top spot in your football pool, and seeing there is no way to catch that spot regardless of the last game’s outcome, feels worse than finishing dead last.  I will believe this until I inevitably finish dead last.
  • The following video has been seen over 22 million times, and is more than a year old.  That doesn’t make it any less awesome.



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