Today I Learned – October 7/12

  • You can’t go wrong at Thanksgiving.  Especially when you get two of them.Mmmmmmmm....carbs....

  • Q: When you want your team to win, but you KNOW that everyone else in your football pool has BIG points on them, is it worth the loss? (A: Only if you win the pool.  If you lose it, you’re just doubly pissed.)
  • Adding homemade vanilla syrup to Diet Coke is delicious.  Of course, you could just buy a bottle of vanilla coke and a bottle of diet coke for your girlfriend, but that means you have to carry TWO bottles…and who has time for that? (Spend 10 minutes making vanilla syrup.)
  • When installing new bulbs in your car’s headlights, removing the locking pins can either take A) 5 seconds to twist and pull up, (B) 1 minute to spray it with a little WD40 and get it loose enough to remove, or (C) 30 minutes of manual-rust-removing hand-bruising time-wasting expletive-shouting  wishing-you-had-the-right-tools-instead-of-just-pliers-and-a-hammer torture.  But MAN, if it’s C, it feels REEEEALLLLLY good when you get it.
  • It may be a Canadian holiday, but this is still a Thanksgiving classic…and seeing as the Colts were just Lucy to Green Bay’s Charlie Brown with the football game, take 22 minutes and enjoy!



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