Today I Learned – February 15/12

    • Using Skype to catch up with family is a great thing.  It’s even cooler when it skips and you get the dub-step remix version of what the dog did.

  • Repeatedly saying “I’ll do something” in your head while your free time passes is not the best way to pass that time.
  • You need to be a specific mood to watch Air Force One, even if you know what you’re getting into.  (Despite getting into it, you will eventually have to get off his plane.)
  • While I watch Air Force One, every time Gary Oldman is on screen I expect Batman to come around the corner and save the day.  Batman Force One?  Air Knight Rises?  I’ll figure it out.
  • This makes me want to A) Go to the zoo. B) Take some awesome video/pictures. C) Actually purchase a drill.



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