Today I Learned – February 13/12

    • There is a point where the pile of dishes waiting to be washed need to be mentally prepared for before they can be done.  Anyone wondering what that point is should look at my kitchen in it’s current state.

  • Taking a nap in the mid afternoon can either A) Get you the energy you need for the rest of the day or B) Complete your transition to day-walking zombie.  That’s quite the coin-flip.
  • Owning a black car may make it dirty all the time, but it will also work wonders in the “self brush the snow away” department on a sunny day.
  • Having $5 in your wallet is pointless.  It’s too little to buy anything you need, and it will simply mock you as you pull out your debit card and spendmoremoney you don’t have.  Just wait ’til I run out of milk Laurier…
  • YES.  YES.  GIVE ME ONE.  YES. (May or may not pertain to BTTF Hoverboard.)


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