Today I Learned – February 12/12

    • Why is it that technology works wonders until you try to do something last minute?  Then it just almost works and mocks you instead.

  • The Grammy Awards are an excuse to wear whatever it is you think will get attention.  Or in Lady Gaga’s case, make a stand against dolphins and tuna nets.
  • Watching the extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is essentially looking life in the face and saying “I’ll get back to you in about 12 hours or so.”
  • Watching a cat dream in it’s sleep is amusing.  Hearing it make noise while it “runs” during that dream is more amusing.  Having it wake up and stare you down without moving for 15 seconds is enough to make you get up and leave the room.
  • When you get to see someone thrown into something they’re going to struggle with and they succeed, it feels good. Watching that person do it in front of millions of people feels even better.



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