Today I Learned – February 11/12 – Retro Edition

    • Not a surprise, but still sad.When an 80s/90s icon who hasn’t done anything overly significant other than a lot of drugs for 20 years dies, the shock and surprise are quickly replaced with “Well, not that we couldn’t see THAT coming.”  It is still sad though.

  • It’s amazing how a “retro” snack from the 80s like Taco flavoured Doritos can take you back in time with a couple of bites.  But this limited time only retro shit has to stop…it’s either BACK or it’s NOT.
  • When playing Mario Kart (pick your favourite version), the length between “I’m having an excellent time” and “this game cheats” is approximately 2.5 seconds.
  • Watching Mats Sundin retire was an neat moment of flashback.  Watching the Leafs get blanked 5-0 never goes out of style.
  • In all seriousness, Whitney Houston passing is still sad.  This is the vocal track from How Will I Know. No autotune, just talent.



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