Bacon Shake? Bacon Shake.

Having a job that let’s you have fun while earning money is never a bad thing.  And when you get to enjoy a tall fresh frothy glass of milkshake with more than a hint of bacon as part of that job…well…I’m not sure if that should make you reconsider or sign on the dotted line for a lifetime contract.

A few days ago we discussed the fact that a simulated bacon milkshake was available for purchase.  This got me angry.  If I’m getting a bacon milkshake, I want a bacon milkshake.  Nothing fake, real meat.  The plan was hatched, and this morning, it was created.

Without giving too much away, we tried it and gave others a chance to enjoy.  Ice cream, milk, and one package of cooked bacon.  What could go wrong with that?



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