Today I Learned – February 8/12

  • Wait, are those whites with colours?  Even I know that's wrong...The only two chores that result in better smells after completion are laundry and hosing down the bathroom.  But I can’t wrap myself in a fresh out of the dryer bathroom.  Point laundry.
  • Making your dinner sandwich while you’re making your lunch sandwich for the next day may result in two sandwiches for dinner and none for lunch.
  • If we could apply the same technology to our keys that cats use to always be under your feet when you’re heading to their food dish we’d never have to look for them again.
  • I can stand in the middle of my street, look left and see a church, then look right and see a different church.  The fact they’re in different countries always blows my mind a little.
  • No matter what happens or who you have in your life, the only person you’ll ever spend 100% of your time with is yourself.  Make sure you take care of that person first…the rest will work itself out.


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