Today I Learned – February 7/12

    • They BOTH say not to put in your eyes...maybe I'll keep looking...When you have time, it’s alright to have to go to three different places to finish your shopping.  When you show up to the last of the three, and realize you could have gone there for everything you needed, that “alright” feeling may change a little.

  • It’s amazing how you can be completely ready for a serious conversation and everything can get put on hold by that little thing called timing.
  • Having a budget doesn’t mean you have to spend to it.  At least, not on things you need.
  • When 80% of your inbox is filled with newsletter subscriptions it’s time to click the “unsubscribe” button a couple times.
  • I’ve been toying with the idea of a trip to Disneyworld.  This HD video from Disneyland from 55 years ago makes me want to go back in time and go there instead.  And see if I can find Don Draper.



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