Shopping + Hungry = Foodvalanche

Why is this fuller than I need it to be?It’s a pretty general rule of thumb that when you go shopping for food you don’t do it while you’re hungry.  Today I thought I could break that rule and get away with it.  I thought wrong.

Included for your viewing pleasure is a picture of the receipts for the two places I went today, and the items purchased.  The explanation for the purchases will follow below.

So many things, so little needed...

The green arrows are the things I knew I had to get.  These items total $25.19.

The yellow arrows are the things I could get by without, but would get if seen.  That’s $13.83.

The items marked with absolutely nothing didn’t exist in my world until I saw them in the store.  $71.21.

I am thankfully in a position where this wasn’t a big deal…and let it be known that I will use these things…I would have eventually gone out to get some of them.  But the lazy part of my shopping brain took over and said “you’re out, get what you think you’ll need.”  I got to Lococo’s and saw some healthy things, and you know how that works: At some point in time we all do the “I’m going to eat healthy!” thing that lasts for two days and then we end up throwing out 80% of what we bought two weeks later when it starts to rot and smell like the opposite of healthy.  Besides, that’s only 20 bucks over what I needed.

"I'm gonna eat HEALTHY!" (one commercial break later) "Mmmm...funions..."The problem came at Zehrs.  I thought I needed mustard.  Incorrect.  I’ll sell it to anyone who needs it at cost.  The granola is NOT for me, the Sig-O will appreciate that, but I’ll probably grab some for my morning yogurt anyways.  Coke Zero was on sale for cheap goodness, so I stocked up there (I drink it, get it cheap right?)  I’m running low on Blue Menu chicken goodness, and those were on sale as well, so might as well bite the bullet.  Oh, and knowing I was going to go veggie crazy, we had to make them delicious and unhealthy by adding the dips.  What’s that?  The pizza?  That’s mostly due to the hunger, but when you look at the sale price and think about how much ordering out would cost (which my lazy ass would do) I figure I saved in the long run.  This will prove incorrect, as I will end up making them both in the next 2 days due to laziness and ordering more anyway.

In conclusion, that’s how I spent a c note for the six things I needed.  Never shop hungry. (Wipes pizza crumbs from hands, dips fingers in veggie dip…)



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