Today I Learned – February 4/12

    • You never get a hard time at the border when you think you’re going to get it.  Then again, if you always think you’re going to get a hard time, you’ll be right once in a while.

  • When you’re watching commercials about weight loss while dipping last night’s leftover apps in whatever is creamy and delicious, it is alright to start mocking the people on tv with your food.  The think they’ve won, but who’s eating the apps?
  • I’ve figured out what cats are chasing when there’s nothing around…it’s their mind.  They continuously lose it.
  • It’s refreshing when you’re working alongside your competion and they’re nothing but polite and friendly.  It’s expected when they show up late and leave early.
  • When a large group of people are booing at you, your best bet is to do what you’ve got to do, starting screaming back about whatever it is they’re waiting for, and get the hell off the stage.
  • Apparently, this large group of people was waiting for Chiddy Bang.  And that’s who this is:



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