Today I Learned – February 2/12

    • It is possible to stream a game over your phone in bed, fall asleep for the 1st period, wake up in the intermission, fall asleep during the 2nd period, wake up again during the intermission, then shut the game off in frustration.  Only to wake up to find out some guy scored a touchdown and made the two point conversion.

  • It’s funny how the little things always seem to take the longest.  That or my “barely buried under the surface” OCD is trying to break through again.
  • Remembering how you used to have to pay bills will get you online and spreading the money around like the internet would shut down if you didn’t.
  • No matter how carefully you trim them, one of your fingernails or toenails will grow that razor sharp corner that will somehow find flesh to dig into.
  • Looking at a 12 inch sub and saying “All of that is going to fit in my stomach” might make you realize it’s a lot of food…but it won’t stop you.  In fact, it turns it into a “I’ll eat all the crumbs” challenge whether you feel physically comfortable at the end or not.


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