Today I Learned – January 31/12

    • Being a wine expert when you’re picking up a bottle for dinner only requires knowledge of the main dish and a cell phone with internet access.

  • There is apparently a ghost cat at my mother’s house.  And a ghost woman.  I’d rather play with the ghost cat.
  • When it’s 10 degrees on January 31st, your brain will use the calendar information to fight you as you open the windows wide.  Conflicting information is confusing…
  • There are dogs in the world that will not only wear a sweater that matches the owner, they will sit outside the store they went into without a leash, and back away from the door to let other people in and out before their owner comes back out and they head on their way together.  They make me want dogs.
  • There are also dogs that see a crack of space between the gate and fence and smash through the opening to freedom every chance they get.  They make me want only that sweater dog.
  • Sloths are cool.  Everyone has the occasional meltdown.  Kristen Bell combines the two nicely.



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