Today I Learned – January 27/12 (Club Edition)

    • Vodka that sells for $48.95 in stores and goes for six times more at the club is not an “experience”.  It’s financial rape.

  • Pre-drinking before you go out is a good way to save money.  Drinking at one place and then going to another and paying for drinks at both places is not pre-drinking.
  • If you’re on the waiting list for seizure detection, standing close to or on the dance floor is a great way to induce convulsions. Corey Hart was onto something.
  • You can determine someone’s alcohol consumption by how high they hold their hands while they’re dancing.  Hips=Just Starting, Chest=Into It, Over Head=Call a Cab.
  • The mental “moment of achievement” that is still being out at 2am has it’s observational rewards. What is wrong with people?


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