Today I Learned – January 26/12

    • Watching someone struggle on-air makes me want to change the channel, no matter what you may look like (see Alyonka Larionov.)

    • Semi-related the first thing, the only thing that’s “exciting” about the All Star Draft is finding out who went last.  It was Logan Couture.  Nope, even that wasn’t exciting.
    • That moment when you realize that those pictures you took aren’t saved anywhere is not a good moment.  Of course, if you forget what pictures were taken you’re not really sure what you’re missing out on, are you?
    • Somewhere between looking in the fridge and making your grocery list, random foods get kicked out of your brain.  You will only remember these foods when you walk in without it upon your return.
    • I don’t care what he’s shilling for during the Super Bowl…it’s just good to have him back.



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