One Year Ago ~ Today

We are products of our history.  Everything we are today is because of what has happened and what we have done up to this very moment.  Sometimes it’s good to look back at where we were just a short while ago, and think about the direction we were heading compared to where we’ve actually ended up.

One year ago, I was enjoying this view:

Today, the view is a little different:

That trip was the third time I’d gone away on vacation in a year. I’d gone to Cuba in February of 2010, the Dominican in November, and finally to Mexico and that picture perfect beach in January. I haven’t been on a trip longer than 3 days since then.

One year ago I was training for a triathlon.  I had gone out the day after New Years and paid my $50 for a monthly membership to train at the Y, almost solely for the use of the pool.  I bought the goggles and the fancy swimsuit and I’d get up at 5:30 in the morning to drive to the MacBain Community Centre, get in the pool, then hit the track or the bike three times a week.  That lasted about two months before my body started to rise up against me.  Too much too soon, in fact, the cramps I got in my calves twinged in my muscles for a few months afterwards, making it difficult to just go for a run.  After I cancelled the membership, I remember thinking “well, I guess I won’t have to get out of bed that early anymore…”

Today I’m recalling how just the other day I sat down and felt my stomach push the limits of the waist of my jeans.  I’m not overweight by any means, but I know where I’ve been before and I know I’m out of shape.  I’m planning on getting back into a workout routine soon enough, slow and steady to start.  God knows I’ll go for too much too soon and blow it all up.  And I’m not getting up at 5:30 anymore.  It’s 4:45.  At the latest.  But it’s not to workout.

One year ago I was looking at my 6th anniversary at a job where even though I was thankful for the employment, I was starting to get the “what else is out there” itch.  It could have been boredom, it could’ve been the same complaints we all have about the little things in our daily tasks, or the people we “have to deal with”, but something inside was starting to poke me.  “Hey, are you sure you’re happy here?”  It’s never a bad idea to ask yourself that occasionally, but this seemed to be more than just a systems check.  This was a life check.

Today I’m working in the same building for a completely different company.  I’m doing the majority of my work from 6am-10am (hence the 4:45 wake up call) instead of 3pm-6pm.  I’m enjoying the people around me more.  And for the first time in the seven years, I’ll get to do it with someone else hanging around.  Things are different but the same.  But the different has made all the difference.

One year ago I’d come home to an empty apartment, opening doors and walking freely without checking my step.  I’d come and go as I pleased and figured that was alright.

Today I’ve got a roomie to watch out for:

I picked him out in May, brought him home in June, dropped about $600 on him the next couple months for vet bills/surgeries/cat ridiculousness, and all he’s done is eaten, grown, run around and taken over the place.  That’s a good thing.

One year ago my brother was still figuring out what the hell was going on with his recent “dizzy” issues.  He had gone for a handful of check-ups to try to figure it out.

Today he still doesn’t know what’s happening, this after more results came in the other day saying he was “perfectly fine.”  I wish they could just fucking figure it out already.  There’s nothing worse than knowing something is wrong and being powerless to do anything about it.  It’s one thing when you’re dealing with that for yourself.  It’s completely another when it’s someone you care about.

One year ago the Sig-O was still recovering from surgery.  Today I’m happy we don’t have to go through that again.

One year ago my furniture was the old crappy hand-down couch and love seat that I’d grown up with in my dad’s old house.  And it was the basement furniture in that house.  It still functioned.  As in, you could still sit on it.  Just not if you wanted your back to do anything human for the following 48 hours.

Today I’ve got extremely comfortable leather stuff that would probably look better if Steve didn’t have claws.

One year ago I thought I was starting to get a little more grey hair.  Today I know I was right.

One year ago I did a passable job at keeping up with friends.  Today I know I have to do better.

One year ago I wondered what the next year would bring.  Today I feel the same.

Whatever you’re doing right now, take a second a think back to a year ago, whether sweeping generalities or specific pin-pointed moments…and compare where you were to where you are now.  It’s never exactly where you thought you’d be.  And if it is, you’re either right on track, or it’s time to pick a new one.  Figure that out, and then get on it.  There’s no better time than today.




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