Today I Learned – January 25/12

    • The name “Smartfood” becomes increasingly less accurate with each heaping clawful shovelled into your mouth.

  • The second viewing of Horrible Bosses is just as funny as the first, especially when you’re watching to see how many times the actors are stiffling their own laughter.
  • TV antennas always seem to work better when you’re holding the ends with your hands.  Why don’t they just make them with hands on the end?
  • 66% of people who buy their lunches spend at least $2000 a year doing so.  That’s 150 “nice” lunches, 300 Extra Value Meals, or 2000 button pushing bag snacks.  Smartfood doesn’t count.
  • This guy is the world record holder for “Largest Gumball.”  Click the pic for details on the disgusting process.


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