Today I Learned – January 24/12

  • If you try one thing for your tv, and it doesn’t work, and you try another thing, and that doesn’t work, and the third thing you try kind of works, it might be time for a new tv.

  • At some point, vitamins are just vitamins.
  • So can now purchase greeting cards with fake snot.  Impressed with technology or depressed by society?
  • Sometimes when you go into an empty restaurant you should take it as a sign.  On the rare occasion, you feel lucky.
  • As hard as you try, if you’re kind of full and tired and you start watching the State of the Union address, you’ve probably only got 5 to 10 minutes of awake time left.
  • This video is old, but it fit well with my stechnology struggles, and it still makes me laugh.



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