Proximity Dating – Why Buy When You Can Loiter?

I want to share an interesting study that I think any man looking for love needs to hear about.  There’s no denying the fact that flowers are a good way to a woman’s heart, so long as they’re given in the right context and don’t go “over the top”.  Giving that new girl you met in the elevator 24 long stems might not get the response you want.  But what if I said you could achieve the same result from buying some buds without actually buying them?

You can read the whole story here, but this is the summary: Women who hang out around flowers find strangers more attractive, and are more likely to accept a date with them.  Some guy they’ve never met.  “Hey, let’s date.” Just because the flowers were close by.  Whoa whoa whoa…what?

Apparently the flowers put women in a good mood, make them more friendly and make other people seem more attractive.  We’re through the looking glass here gentlemen.  You don’t have to buy flowers, just be around them?  Is this all that this can work with?  Maybe we can carry this thought to other areas of dating…

  1. Meet your desired date in a public area, preferrably near some flowers.  Hang out around the flowers long enough for them to work their magical friendly happy date-making magic.  Suggest you go get a bite to eat and go to a concert together. (Money spent  on flowers: $0.00, Total money spent: $0.00)
  2. Walk down a sidewalk next to a busy road, try to keep pace with other cars. If you’re close to cars, it’ll make her brain think you’re driving, right? (Money spent on transportation: $0.00, total money spent: $0.00)
  3. Stand outside the window at Subway, watching the “Sandwich Artists” build other people delicious foods.  Looking at the food will make her feel full. (Money spent on food: $0.00, total money spent: $0.00.)
  4. Suggest going for a walk to enjoy the beautiful day with a beautiful woman.  Make sure she knows that you’re talking about her.  (Walking is free.)
  5. Walk past the jewellers, window browse the necklaces and rings for a few minutes…being this close to all that glittery goodness has to make her feel special, right? (STILL no money spent.)
  6. Stand next to the ice cream cart, watch everyone else pick up the sweet delicious goodness.  Make a “it’s not as sweet as you” comment when appropriate.  Or don’t.  Still….(NO MONEY SPENT.)
  7. Stand outside a music store.  Wait for something “romantic” to come on.
  8. Suggest you get a little more “comfortable.”
  9. Stand outside the mattress store.  Then the carpet store.  Maybe the furniture store.  In fact, just go walk around Ikea.
  10. Walk into a convenience store, stare at the cigarettes together.
  11. Walk her home, thank her for a lovely time, head on home.

How nice does THAT sounds ladies?  There you have it guys, the free way to a woman’s heart.  I mean, if it’s all in her head anyway, why should you have to dig in your wallet?  Also, hope the next time you run into her she’s not standing next to one of these:

Side note: This guy already thought about this. And he ended up with the girl. Case rested. relationship relationships



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