Today I Learned – January 21/12

  • No matter how many wings you order, you will always get a half bag of wrinkled, somewhat room temperature celery and carrots.

  • Having four iPhones at the same table can’t be good for conversation, the WiFi signal, or reproductive organs.
  • Some movies you’ve seen can be quoted from start to finish. Others have you sitting through the whole movie thinking “I can’t remember ANY of this…” Sadly for me, the TMNT movie falls into the latter.
  • When a sleeping dog is having a chasing dream, you just want to laugh. When a sleeping dog starts to whimper in that dream, you run over saying “IT’S ALRIGHT!” until they wake up.
  • If you ever have a cat stuck in a tree, call these guys. (skip to 1:00 for the action, DON’T blink.)



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