Today I Learned – January 17/12

      • When it comes to trying new food, sometimes you gotta just do it.

    • It is possible to work on your computer while you prepare dinner.  Your keyboard may get some food on it.  Your food may get some technology on it.  Call it a draw.
    • Seeing something out of context may kind of make sense, but seeing it as part of a whole is always better.
    • The phone will wait to ring until you are either just into, in the middle of, or towards the end of your shower.
    • You can wear white socks with black shoes all day and get away with it.  That or everyone fashionable is now talking behind my back.  I still have to decide if I care or not.
    • The mere mention of O-Town will get you singing about Liquid Dreams.  What is wrong with society?



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