Live and Let Cry

The Green Mile.  Something to do with sports.  Armageddon?  These are all things that have caused me to shed a tear.  And we’ve all been there.  Maybe not with Armageddon, and I’ll explain that, but sometimes, if you’re caught in the right mood and watch the right thing, cue the water works.

The Sig-O finally caught the finale of Six Feet Under last night, and had built up to it by watching a 6 episode marathon the night before.  In fact one of the first things she said to me yesterday when I saw her was “My eyes are puffy, I watched 6 episodes of Six Feet Under last night and all I did was cry.”  And last night’s finale, although cathartic for her, did the same thing.  I knew what was coming, so I was alright through most of it (there was a moment towards the end scene where I felt it start to well up a little, but I wanted to be “strong for her”), but she went to the sleeve-corner-eye-wipe more than a couple times.

Maybe it’s your favourite tv show.  Maybe it’s a movie you knew was going to get you.  And for some reason, we’ll re-watch these things just because we want to cry a little.  Why do we do this?  Studies have shown that “letting it out” is good for us, so the occassional Kleenex grabber isn’t a bad thing.  When we expect to cry, that’s not a problem for us.  But it’s that “out of the blue” experience that sometimes makes us say “REALLY?  I’m CRYING at this?”

I’ll go with the expected cry first, although it possibly didn’t come at the best of times.  Let’s jump back to the summer of ’99…the Stars beat the Sabres for the Stanley Cup, Monica Lewinsky had a nice chat with Barbara Walters, George Clooney said goodbye to E.R., and The Green Mile came to theatres.  After enjoying Shawshank Redemption I figured I’d also enjoy this one, besides, it had Tom Hanks in it, it had to be good, right?  The mistake I made was deciding to go on a date while seeing it.  Correction: Go on a FIRST date while seeing it.

If you haven’t seen it, stop reading, go get it, get comfy, and enjoy.  I recommend it.  I do NOT recommend watching it with someone you’re hanging out with for the first time, let alone in a crowded theatre.  Because at the end when Tom Hanks barely cracked out the words “Roll on two” I audibly snivled next to my date.  I didn’t really care, because everyone else in the theatre was doing the same thing.   Well, almost everyone, except for the date.  Which ended up being the last one anyway.  Whether it was because they saw me break down or not, I don’t know, but frankly, if you don’t get emotional there you have no soul, and henceforth are undateable.  So there’s the “appropriate” time to cry.  You know it’s coming, you get ready, you let loose.

The other kind is of course the “This is happening?  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!” kind.  The same year, Armageddon was out on DVD.  I’m not sure why, but I ended up watching it alone one afternoon, and I still can’t tell you what happened.  All I know is that when Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are on the asteroid together (side note: I am physically upset with the sentence I am currently writing) and Bruce pulls Ben’s air and throws him in the elevator to get him back home safe to his fiance/Bruce’s daughter…

(sniffle) “Wait, WHAT?” (sniffle) “Dude, it’s ARMAGEDDON…what the (sniffle) FUCK?  ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?  THIS IS (sniffle) REALLY HAPPENING?!?!  GET IT TOGETHER!!!” (sniffle)

I can’t tell you how long it lasted, because I can’t remember anything except self-loathing while I pulled it together and started making fun of the “whenever I want” gravity that came in and out. (Seriously, I get it’s an action movie, but the blatent disregard for anything remotely “realistic” was thrown/floated out the window before the opening credits were finished.)

You can go all Freud…maybe I’ve got daddy issues, maybe I was really upset about the whole gravity thing, maybe seeing Benny sniffling and bawling like a little girl made my brain think it needed to do the same thing.  All I know is, it happened, I can’t deny it, it’s a part of me now.  I’ve seen it a few times since that day, and not a single drop has welled.  So I guess it just caught me at the right time.  And THAT is the key.  Sometimes, it’s just the right time to cry.  And if you don’t, it’ll just end up coming out at a different, less appropriate time.  Go ahead.  Live and let cry.

(Hit those comments below…what’s YOUR “Cry-time” movie/show?)

Fuck it, here’s the end of Six Feet Under.  “Enjoy”!



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