Today I Learned – January 16/12

    • People really love their coffee.   A lot.

  • For some reason, watching something that’s happening live on the other side of the world isn’t quite as awe-inspiring as it should be.  Or maybe the Australian Open just isn’t that good yet.
  • If you decide to take a nap on the couch or in a chair, no matter how comfortably you start out, you will wake up in the most uncomfortable and contorted position ever imagined.
  • Being able to look up phone numbers you don’t recognize on the internet is good, but tedious.  Shouldn’t someone come up with an app that just takes the number and looks it up automatically if you hit a button?
  • Someone’s going to make some money off that last idea, because I’m lazy.  Just shout out to ODBarn in the code somewhere.
  • Where was THIS at Christmas time??!?!


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