Today I Learned – January 15/12 (Packers Edition)

    • We’ve all had bad days.  We may NOT have all had our worst day of the year at the most important moment of the year on international television.

  • No matter how many times I scream “THAT’S IT, I’m shutting this off” at the television, an internal clock counts to 30 and then switches back to watch it some more.
  • Strangely, when you’re thinking “Alright, it CAN’T get any worse than THIS” it does.  Almost INSTANTLY.
  • I get to watch this year’s Super Bowl for the more important reasons…the horrible Halftime Show and the FANTASTIC commercials…without having to worry about injuries in the secondary and how I’m going to celebrate all doped up on NyQuil like last year.
  • REALLY??!?!  That REALLY JUST HAPPENED?!?!  I’d rather miss the playoffs ALL TOGETHER than see how well the offense played all year and THEN watch THAT unbelievable display of self-implosion…that’s like being told ALL YEAR that you’re getting a puppy in January and then January gets here and somebody hands you a bag of the puppy’s shit and says “Here you go, sorry if you were expecting something else.”
  • In the grand scheme of things, none of this matters.  I’m looking forward to some good football this weekend and in a couple weeks.  But the only “Bowl” some of the Packers will be seen at this year will have the word “Pro” in front of it instead.  And they can’t play any worse than that.


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