Today I Learned – January 14/12

    • Like most of Saskatchewan and Daylight Saving Time, the New England Patriots fail to recognize Tebow Time.

  • The home team has gone 6 for 6 so far in this year’s NFL playoffs.  Hopefully that number goes up around 7:30pm Sunday.
  • When eating bacon and french toast for breakfast and contemplating where the fruit/veggies are, remember that the pig probably ate some before turning into bacon, so you’re all good.
  • Some people will defend the honour of Huey Lewis and the News.  That’s the power of love.
  • Each time you hear about someone going away on vacation to a warm climate, the temperature here drops 1 degree.
  • Here’s a picture of the 15 ton car-sized Russian satellite Phobos-Grunt.  It was supposed to go to the Mars moon Phobos, pick up some dirt and come back home.  Instead, it remembered it left the oven on back at the house, so it’s coming home early.  Out of control.  And should land somewhere between the red lines on Sunday.  Yeah!



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