Today I Learned – January 12/12

      • Adding butter to ANYTHING cooking in a pan is a fantastic idea.  Yes.  Anything.

    • Re-arranging things is nice when you can do it in a couple of clicks.  If only furniture worked the same way.
    • Falling asleep with the window open a little is fine, so long as overnight the wind doesn’t change directions while a snowstorm blows in.  Unless you like waking up in a small localized snow drift.
    • If you’ve looked everywhere for something, check the trunk.  9/10 times it’s there.  If it’s not, time to buy a new one.
    • Sometimes when you’re watching something, you either don’t want it to end or you don’t want one side to have to lose.  This ridiculous volleyball rally is one of those things.  (Seriously, did Yuen Woo-ping set this up?)



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