Today I Learned – January 11/12

    • When you’re installing carbon monoxide detectors, the manufacturers might not want to make the “testing” phase do the actual “carbon monoxide detected” sound, which is not easily shut off, and intermittent enough to make you question if you’ve been working in a car exhaust for 7 years.

  • When you’re picking something up from somebody, it’s best to make sure that thing is ready before you go to retrieve it instead of driving over and THEN checking.  The phone exists for a reason.
  • After 33 years of non-acknowledgement, playing Scrabble more than once in a 24 hour period may cause subtle addiction.
  • I STILL haven’t learned any new words thanks to Scrabble.  But I have increased my use of the phrase “THAT’S a word?”
  • Buying “healthy” popcorn, making it, then pouring two tablespoons of melted butter and shaking 100 grams of salt and vinegar seasoning on it may kind of defeat the purpose.  But it’s still better than doing it on “buttered” popcorn.


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