Today I Learned – January 10/12

    • Opening your mouth while you cut onions is supposed to help with the fumes and tears.  Just like using a teaspoon is supposed to help when you’re bailing out a flooding boat.

  • Every once in a while, that thing you need to get is actually going to be on sale AND in stock.  It’s a strange feeling…don’t get used to it.
  • The number of times you mis-spell a word in a text message and try to re-rewrite it before just using a different word?  3.  That or you just say “I’ll just call them.”
  • When somebody who’s already given you your Christmas card “Now With Money Inside” gives you a bag of treats the next time you see them, you don’t expect to find ANOTHER card in there with MORE money when you finally rip into the food on January 10th. (Thanks Grandma!)
  • Shopping Cart 1 – Shin 0
  • You know the Earth is changing when you can walk on a part of it that didn’t exist a few months ago, just bring your “Hot Lava Walking Shoes”. (Click the picture to see the new island pop, and click here to read about it.)


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