Today I Learned – January 7/12

  • No matter how polite, reserved, quiet and respectful you are, 10 minutes playing poker will have you sounding like Dennis Leary talking with George Carlin about something Richard Pryor did.  Which, by the way, I would have paid GOOD money to see happen.

  • A two day old growth of stuble can be used as a good substitute for a face/arm/leg scratcher.  It may not be quite as portable and easily accessed.
  • When you open the cupboard for a snack, find nothing and go sit down, then get up 10 minutes later and look again, there isn’t a new magical box of something delicious there the second time.  But we go look again anyway.
  • Since the expansion in 2002, and after today’s NFL playoff games, the home team is 21-17 on Wild Card weekend.
  • In 1999, the Niagara Region had an average snowdepth of 63 centimetres.  Not so much this year so far I guess.  And no complaints here.


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