Today I Learned – January 4/12

  • The bacteria cloud from a toilet flush can hover 10 inches above the bowl and last 90 minutes. If only there was a…device…to CAP….or COVER the bowl before the flush. Let’s put a lid on that idea for now.

  • I can still put on an episode of Arrested Development and see throwaway jokes I didn’t catch the first 10 times. 1-I have to pay better attention when watching things…2-Whitney is on TV, but this didn’t get a full third season. That seems about right.
  • Picking up the piece of “debris” the vacuum refuses to get, then turning the vacuum over and shoving it into the opening is much more satisfying than expected. Trash talking it afterwards may be a little much.
  • The green things on fake Christmas trees that fall off? They’ll find their way onto things you haven’t used or touched in decades.
  • If you have a mystery shoebox in the closet, open it up. It may contain 6 or 7 year old postcards from Japan. Side note: there aren’t enough Bluce Lee postcards in the world.




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