Today I Learned – January 3/12

  • NEVER shut a game off. Has anyone said “It’s not over until it’s over” before?  Because I think that kind of applies to Canada/Russia last night.  Also, as much as a loss is a loss, I think we all feel a lot better losing 6-5 like this after being down 6-1, right?  Ok, it still sucks.

  • It is possible to warm your hands by holding a cold drink after only 45 seconds in whatever the hell temperature it was last night.
  • Moving quickly through a crowd shouting “BEN EAGER!  BEN EAGER!” at a couple of contest people may cause others in the crowd concern.
  • Screaming at your television for 20 minutes at 11 o’clock at night may make it hard to fall asleep immediately afterwards.  Give it a couple hours.  And maybe some aerobics.
  • I apparently had a few unrelated screaming events last night.


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