This Is Barn – A Beginning

Resolutions. If you look up the definition in the dictionary, then you might not get a lot out of this blog. You should really know what resolutions are. But at least you’re taking the effort to look it up, and I’ll give you that. We can sit together at lunch, but I’m not going to share my pudding with you yet.

And that, in a nutshell, is what this entire thing is going to be about: Sharing my pudding. Sometimes it’ll be thick and rich, and have you wanting a glass of milk to wash it down. Other times, it’ll have that film on the top and the sides that you’ll want to eat around, just to get to the good stuff. And maybe sometimes I’ll throw a cookie or two at you out of nowhere. The point is that life isn’t lived without sharing, and this entire public cathartic experience will do exactly that. Because sometimes just writing it down makes it all feel that much better.

It’ll be serious, funny, abstract, confrontational, relaxed, inquisitive, and everything in between, but most importantly, it will be shared. And if reading along gives you any reaction at all, then the point of this whole thing will be realized, and that’s good enough for me.

With that said (slides over pudding cup), I assume this will probably be the normal reaction. And I hope you enjoy This Is Barn.





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