Train-ing Day

Waiting for things is never fun.  Waiting for something when it’s completely avoidable is a different level of never fun.

Family Daze

A few years ago, the government decided that the break between New Year’s Day and whatever season Easter actually falls in was TOO LONG to go without a day off.  Hence…Family Day.  But do people actually DO things for it?

Wine Time

Niagara is full of amazing wineries, big and small.  Thankfully we brought the big AND small bags to carry our choices in.

An Incatvenience

Sometimes we do things because we want to do them.  Other times we do them because we have to do them.  Every once in a while, we do things because they’re just the right thing to do.

The Nap Chair

It might be in your living room.  Maybe in your basement.  It could be in your garage, or the sunroom, or on the patio.  It may even be in your bedroom, feet away from your bed.  Wherever it is, there is no escaping its power.  A slide into its embrace, and you slip into a drooling, head twitching, fog induced coma.…


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. For friends. For family. For health. It’s also a time to be thankful that an awesome festival arrives to give you thirty-eleventy ways to stuff your face.

Cell Mates

If I asked you to give me $120, and gave you around $2000 over the next two years to cover it off, you’d probably sign the deal right now, wouldn’t you?  For one cell company that offer wasn’t sweet enough, and it means in four more months, that offer could drop to $0.

Slot Hogs

It’s one thing when someone holds onto a slot machine and digs in with their greedy hands, it’s another when they vocalize their intentions.  It’s best when you reap what they’ve sown.

Bat Crasher

What began as a normal hot Summer’s night switched from pleasure to panic with the flick of a feather.  Or rather, a wing membrane.

Who Canada Beats Next – Facts About Slovakia

After handling the Danes a couple of nights ago, Canada looks to advance to the Gold Medal game with a win tonight over Slovakia.  Who is Slovakia?  Where is Slovakia?  Other related Slovakian questions?  Look no further as we explore the country standing between Canada and their first medal in three years and first title in six.

Giant Frozen Gunny Bear

Understand we now live in a world where we have enough free time to buy a giant gummy bear, freeze it with liquid nitrogen, and shoot it with a 12 gauge shotgun.  Because FREEEEEEDDOOOOOOMMMMMMM!  

Zen Video of the Day – Gravity Glue 2014

I have neither the time nor the patience to do something that needs both of those things to happen.  Check out Michael Grab as he uses stone and gravity to make some physics-defying sculptures, while also making me feel slightly inadequate.

Who Canada Beats Next – Facts About Denmark

Some people are well traveled and have vast knowledge about the world around them.  Others, like me, know there’s a world outside their front door, but maybe haven’t explored it as much.  It’s for this second group that I present to you some facts about Denmark, the team that Canada should be taking care of later tonight at the World Juniors.  If…

Easy Resolutions

Every year as the champagne bubbles fizzle and the noise dies down, millions of people get down to the business of changing something about themselves.  Some are realistic.  Most are not.  The key to a successful resolution is making it stick.  For that purpose I have created a list of easily obtainable goals to reach and conquer for 2015!

Fash-Un Friday – September 19

“Today’s #fashunfriday involves one of the four pairs of blue jeans Barn owns, a white t-shirt that looked/smelled clean but wasn’t supposed to be seen, and a cheap black Target sweater that made Barn so hot he needed to take it off. He is also calmly trapping something in the freezer. #fashionfriday #frozenzombies” Today's #fashunfriday involves one of the four…

Fash-Un Friday – September 12

“Today’s #fashunfriday features new jeans that have been worn four times and still haven’t been washed, a dress shirt that’s 10% visible but 100% paid for, and the sweater that was closest to the open closet door at 4:15 in the morning. #fashionfriday #orenandbarn” Today's #fashunfriday features new jeans that have been worn four times and still haven't been washed,…

Farmer’s Animal-nac

The Farmer’s Almanac has been around for 196 years.  Some people swear by it when it comes to predicting the weather.  I have another simpler, more direct method.  Just watch for the animals to go crazy.

Today I Learned – Sept 7/14

If you want something badly enough, you’ll drive to go get it.  Even if it means ordering food in person at the restaurant and waiting for it to be made so you can take it home.  In short, I love me some food.

30 Seconds of Awkward

Our 30 seconds begins innocently enough: waiting for an elevator at the Fallsview Casino to return me to my car. I stand aloof with a lighter wallet and a humbling Blackjack experience to pass the time.  Little did I know the short moment of social ineptitude that awaited.

Fash-Un Friday – September 5

“Today’s #fashunfriday involves a stupid hat and stupid jersey and a look of defeat. Strike that, a beautiful jersey and beautiful hat and a look of defeat. Also shorts, and only winners deserve shoes. #fashionfriday #orenandbarn” Today's #fashunfriday involves a stupid hat and stupid jersey and a look of defeat. Strike that, a beautiful jersey and beautiful hat and a…

Today I Learned – Sept 1/14

Working out on an elliptical only beats running when the humidex is over 35.  Or if you’re too lazy to make the walk in your shorts and t-shirt to the front door.

Fash-Un Friday – August 29

“Today’s #fashunfriday style includes the cargo shorts Barn wears three times a week, a shirt that’s kind of see-thru but matches and has buttons so it’s “business casual”, and a hat of a team that’s won one in a row. (Not seen: Brown flip-flops for comfort and general lack of caring.) #fashionfriday #orenandbarn” Today's #fashunfriday style includes the cargo shorts…

Fash-Un Friday – August 22

“Another glorious #fashunfriday awaits. Barn is wearing plaid pyjama pants with a loose fitting/torn waistband received as a Christmas gift 4 years ago and a long sleeves athletic t-shirt he received for MCing a marathon 3 years ago. Bold, dating, trend setting. #fashionfriday #orenandbarn #style” Another glorious #fashunfriday awaits. Barn is wearing plaid pyjama pants with a loose fitting/torn waistband…

Fash-Un Friday – August 15

“Oren isn’t here. But that can’t stop #fashunfriday. Barn is wearing jeans that smell clean, a collared shirt that he found behind a suit in the closet, and the jacket from Spring he still had hanging up by the front door. #fashionfriday #orenandbarn #2dayfmniagara” Oren isn't here. But that can't stop #fashunfriday. Barn is wearing jeans that smell clean, a…

Fashion Foreword

I preface this post with the following statement: I am not a fashionista.  This should become clear in the next few minutes.

Gamble with your Etiquette

We’ve all heard no one likes a sore loser.  We’ve also heard that you should be a good winner as well.  When it comes to games some people can barely control themselves.  When it comes to games involving money…all bets are off.